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Walter Hand began his love for music at the age of ten when he won the elementary school talent show impersonating Jerry Lee Lewis with Great Balls of Fire. He bought his first Hohner harmonica at thirteen, and around the same time played saxophone with the school band.  In school Walter learned the technical fundamentals of music theory, but at home with his harmonica is where he learned to express himself and really feel the music.  In 1970, after two years in the army, Walter joined the choir at Contra Costa College, while taking voice training and singing with a barbershop quartet.  Still playing his sax, Walter hooked up with good friend John Doukas, lead singer for the rock group Earthquake. They played local clubs, like Keystone, Long Branch Saloon, and Bimbos, along with local colleges like UC Berkeley's Sproul Plaza and Contra Costa College. 

Walter got a real job as a Merchant Marine from 1975 to 1985 but  would still practice his harmonica when at sea.  From 1985 to 1990 he pursued his music playing the jazz on tenor sax, performing with the Jazz Band for the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts. From 1990 to 1995 Walter went out on his own to play the blues, bringing his vocal and harmonica stylings to the open mics at the many Bay Area blues clubs, singing and playing with such Bay Area notables as Larry James, Stave Gannon, Tommy Castro, Freddie Hughes, Rick Kellogg, Raymond Victor, Lucky Strikes Richard Milam, J. J. Woods and the Blues Commandos, and many other great musicians.  In 1995, Walter formed his own band, Walter Hand and The Blue Hand Band, playing many local venues, and hosting the Open Mic at Fantasy's Lounge. 

From 2002-2004 Walter was frontman/lead vocalist for local band Wall of Blues.  While continuing to play with local artists like Freddie Roulette and the legendary Harvey Mandel, Walter resurrected The Blue Hand Band in 2004, continuing to the present date, playing local venues and beyond, including benefit concerts for the United Servicemens Organization (USO) and the annual Homeless Veterans Benefit in Sacramento.  All the while Walter has been working hard to put The Blue Hand Band on the map alongside those other Bad Ass Blues Men .


Bass guitar and vocals
Started playing in Junior High, played drums, guitar and bass, trombone
Played in first band "Night Shift" with keyboardist Bill Grimason
at De Anza High.
Played with all original band "Rage" in late 70's, which performed with recording artists such as Bo Diddley, the Drifters, War, Richie Havens, Dr. John, Maria Muldour, Coke, Pete, and Shirley Escsovito, Eddie Money, Earthquake, Y&T.
Played in Honolulu, Hawaii, Guam, & Alaska as a full time professional musician in several club bands for 8 years with "Fallen Angel", and "Joe Dagger and the rhythm slaves".
Left Hawaii to join Atlantic recording artist, the " Michael Furlong band" managed by Bruce Cohen who also manages the "Doobie Brothers", "Night Ranger", and "Taxi".
Made appearances on "American Bandstand", MTV, "Showtime Rock of the 80's, Toured with Night Ranger and Y&T as the opening act, at Boise State, Arco Arena in Sacramento, Reno Nevada, and New Years Eve at the Cow Palace in San Francisco.
After the Michael Furlong band broke up, been playing locally in the Bay Area with a number of bands,
Larry Lynch & the Mob, Bad Apple, Solar Wind, Amazing Tripods, Hella Fellas, Not Rites,Rumblestiltskin &
Walter Hand & the Blue Hand Band.


Around 6 years of age I took some piano lessons and later learned to play saxophone in school band starting in 5th grade. Fell in love with Boogie Woogie Piano as a child and am still an unrepentant Boogie Woogieist. Became serious about music while playing in rock bands in high school after renting a Farfisa Organ at Leo's Music in Oakland. Began learning guitar but was a organist and sax player in High School bands performing at high school dances, parties and youth dances at many venues including Maple Hall. Attended UCSB but took a year off in 1973 to play music professionally including playing with Lucky Strike. Performed in SF, the South Bay, Marin and the East Bay including the Keystone Berkeley. Finished school at UCSB and put music on the back burner while concentrating on my non-musicial work career. Continued playing on my own and seeing as many shows as possible.
In 1986 I moved to Paris, France for 10 months and began playing solo piano at Bars and Restaurants. Upon returning to the Bay Area I began playing solo piano at the Rite Spot, Enzo's and the Zuni Cafe in San Francisco for 18 months and then moved back to Paris again for a year, again playing solo piano at restaurants and bars including "Mother Earth", the Transat, the Mort Subite and Conway's.
In the 90's I focused on my non-music career and stopped playing professionally until 2006. Since 2006 I have played in dance bands performing 60's, 70's, 80's Classic Rock, R&B, and Blues at wineries, clubs and special events.
My influences are varied but include Jerry Lee Lewis, Dr. John, Booker T. Jones, and Pete Johnson.


In 1967 Scott Yoshida bought his first guitar for $15, an acoustic with strings an inch off the fret board. Eventually he moved on to a beat up electric which he rebuilt and used to jam with anybody and anything. With the help of Mel Bay, the Internet and lessons from local guitar great, George Cole, he joined a trio with bassist Greg Harriman. Greg mentioned a friend of his was a lead singer and could use him for their next gig. That’s when Scott first met Walter Hand. Over the next 10 years he jammed with and was a substitute guitar player for Walter’s band. A few years after his retirement Scott joined the Blue Hand Band full time and hasn’t looked back.
Scott’s musical interests have always been the blues, rock, funk, Jam Bands & anything Fender.

MICHAEL GAY – Drums, Vocals
Seasoned with a solid Motown upbringing and a British mum, Michael grew up with a host of great Detroit artist and powerful songwriting talents… Bob Seger, The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin… the songs with true emotion and phat grooves!!
Summer of ’82, Michael decided It was to time expand his talents and headed West for Hollywood and landed at the soon to be renown, Musician’s Institute. The timing could not of been better. Year long studies at P.I.T. with members of LA’s “Wrecking Crew,” left an indelible mark. To this day, making people gyrate some part of their body is what Michael strives for!


MP3s on Music page feature Walter and Paul with past members of The Blue Hand Band.

Current lineup:

Walter Hand - Vocals, Sax, Harmonica, Flute

Bill Grimason - Keys, Vocals, Sax, Guitar

Scott Yoshida - Guitar, Vocals

Michael Gay - Drums, Vocals

Daryl Edward Chang - Bass Guitar, Vocals

Key guest players (featured in videos on Music page):

Tony Archimedes - Keyboards, Sax

Paul Staubus - Keyboards